• VW


    The VW is a new submersible string series, which was developed by SUNFULL independently and is patented. The main advantage of this string is its water resistance and easy use in all kinds of water environments. The VW is especially suitable for shallow and coastal water no deeper than 15 meters. Also, hydrospaces that are not suitable for a hydrophone could be equipped with the VW series. In addition the VW series has proved to be successful in oil exploration, state inspection and dam prospecting. The insulation resistance of the VW series is no less than 200 MΩ after being submersed in sea water at 15 meters for 48 hours.

  • VM


    The VM is a new seismic geophone string series usable in marshland. This series is developed independently by Sunfull. The VM series has good water resistance. Its insulation resistance is no less than 200MΩ after being exposed for 48 hours in 6 meters or even deeper water. Because of its compact size, light weight design and low distortion The VM series has an unparalleled advantage to oil exploration in all kinds of shallow water areas.

  • VL


    The VL Land String Series is an ideal product for land oil exploration. It distinguishes itself through excellent performance. It features stable and reliable parameters, light weight design, easy handling and is structurally strong. The VL Series is suitable for all kinds of complex land exploration. The VL Series is widely used in oil exploration, mineral exploration and engineering exploration.Characteristics:Nylon waterproof case, high erosion resistanceVery strong at -40℃~+70℃Suitable for B series, X series and S seriesSpecial structure, superior anti-noise performance


  • PS-10R


    PS-10R is a kind of high sensitive geophone suitable for both single point acquisition and geophone combination acquisition, it can be interchangeable with GS-One and its performance reaches world level.

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