• SF-2C02


    SF-2C02 Dual Sensor is mainly used for oil exploration in marine and transition zone. It can make up the receiving P wave in marine  The dual Sensor contains two super geophones and one hydrophone. The two super geophones can rotate 360 degree along the axis. The liquid damping can reduce the noise of the rotating parts and the geophones have good coupling. Meanwhile, it can restrain the interference by the external background noise. And the hydrophone has high sensitivity. The internal of Dual Sensor is sealed by PU with good waterproof performance and high reliability. The working depth is up to 100m.

  • SF-25


    SF Series Hydrophone is a hydrophone used for submersible seismic exploration, it is a new type of hydrophone which is designed and supported by the latest international technology. It features compact design, high sensitivity and excellent seal ability. The working depth ranges from 1m to 75m and can be interchanged with  LS-2512, MP25, P350 and P-44A etc.

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