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Words of gratitude

When Sunfull was founded, it was probably the smallest oil seismic sensor manufacturer in China and even in the world. Today, although Sunfull is still a medium-sized enterprise, but in the field of geophone, Sunfull has not humiliated itself, occupying the second largest market share in the country and holding a place in the international market.

More than 20 years ago, we solemnly promised in our company's articles: for employees to increase income, for shareholders to increase profits, for the local honor, for nation tax increase. Over the past ten years, Sunfull has never forgotten its mission and obligations as a responsible enterprise. The success of Sunfull is inseparable from the care of government leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life and the selfless dedication of Sunfull employees. Please allow me to express my heartfelt thanks on behalf of Sunfull:

Thank you for the care and guidance of Party committees and leaders at all levels in Weihai and High & New Technology Development District. Without your support, there will not be Sunfull. Thank you for the shareholders. Your always trust and investment became the cornerstone of Sunfull and the energy for its development. You have given yourselves to Sunfull, and the success of Sunfull is also your success.

Thank you for the founder of Sunfull, who worked with me together. We share the same ideals, and trust each other. Every step of Sunfull's development is inseparable from your wisdom and painstaking efforts.

Thank you for supporting Sunfull's customers and suppliers at home and abroad. It is because you chose Sunfull and recognized Sunfull that Sunfull finally realized its value.

Inheriting the Past, Opening up the Future and Making Great Efforts to Blow the Trumpet of Second Start-up

We've been through 22 years. It hasn't always been smooth. We've had failures. Here, we summarize the shortcomings, as a reference and warning for the future.

If the foundation of Sunfull's success lies in the superstructure with system and mechanism as its main part, the management system as its foundation is not sound enough. he system already established is insufficient in execution, and the seriousness and continuity need to be strengthened. Sunfull's overall progress is relatively fast, and the pace of diversified development is relatively large. The original management team has been continuously dispersed and diluted, the mature training mechanism has not been timely followed up, the learning organization has not been established satisfactorily, and the overall quality of the whole team does not match the sustainable development of the enterprise. Self-breakthrough ability and continuous innovation ability need to be strengthened; At present, there is a gap between the project and the "master" in the industry.

These mistakes and lessons are, after all, as inevitable as a toddler's stumble. In view of these problems, we must seriously think about solutions, draw lessons from them, put down the burden and move on.

Prospects for the next ten years and ideas for Second Entrepreneurship

As Secretary Cui Yuecheng said, Sunfull runs a golden business. We are confident in the future and believe that our future is bright. As long as we maintain and carry forward the fine style of work, work with one heart and one mind, work together and forge ahead, the ideal of Sunfull for a hundred years will surely be realized. We briefly outline the next decade:

Keep up with the leading edge of the mainstream market, go on unremittingly, make greater breakthroughs in the international market, and compete with European and American rivals. To this end, we should do a good job in R&D, innovation, talent, capital, marketing and other key links, and strive to make a contribution in the whole field of geophysical prospecting.

The operation of capital should be regarded as a strategic measure. Operating entity project "earning money" and capital operation "earning money" run synchronously to obtain funds from the capital market to meet the needs of development. Capital operation can be realized through listing, joint venture, seeking strategic investors and other financing means.

Establish and improve the corporate culture system of Sunfull. With culture as the guide and ideology as the commander, we can enhance the cohesion, centripetal force and combat power of enterprises.

Establish a management model that truly belongs to Sunfull. Grasp the foundation of the basic system and extend the means of management.

Expand enterprise scale, expand business territory, and go out of Weihai to seek development in broader market, absorb more talents. Let Sunfull people develop in an all-round way and improve in material, intellectual and spiritual levels.

We should cultivate projects with good growth into new economic growth points of enterprises and promote the development of enterprises in an all-round way.

To realize the strategic plan for the next ten years, we must start from now on, return everything in Sunfull's past to zero and start a second venture. Whether Sunfull can do a good job of Second Entrepreneurship will not only determine the development of Sunfull in the next ten years, but also affect whether Sunfull can realize its century-old ideal. We need to pay our youth and blood, we need to go forward and succeed, the fireworks passed down. Every Sunfull people shoulders the historic responsibility of connecting the past with the future and carrying forward the future. So we must have a lofty sense of responsibility and mission. For personal progress, for family happiness, for social harmony, for the future of Sunfull, embark on a new journey, do a good job of second entrepreneurship!

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