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Sunfull’s spirit

Opinion about valueIncrease revenue for employees, increase profits for shareholders, increase local honor, and increase taxes for the state

Enterprise conceptScience and Technology Pioneer, People-oriented, Industry Serving the Country

enterprise stylePrecision, meticulousness and strictness

Enterprise characterBenevolence and justice, equality and harmony, understanding and tolerance

Enterprise spiritThe spirit of hard working, the spirit of teamwork, the spirit of hard work and dedication of bees, the spirit of fast-acting Cheetahs

Logo Graphics

SUNFULLSimilar to the Chinese word “shuangfeng”, Sunfull, it means "full of sunshine" in English. Have multiple meanings: Sunfull's mission is to "contribute light and heat to the society", which reflects the corporate social responsibility. Meaning Sunfull enterprise internal environment vibrant, full of vigor and vitality; Sunfull's various undertakings are full of sunshine and have unlimited broad prospects for development.

About "sunfull""shuang" means harmony and completeness, and "feng" means harvest. "Shuangfeng" has auspicious implications in Chinese traditional culture. Named after it, it indicates that the enterprise pursues harmonious coexistence and win-win benefits with the society and all partners externally, and pursues common progress and growth of the enterprise and employees internally.

  • Logo GraphicsThe logo is a combination of the first character "s" and "f" of "sun" and "full". "S" is black, and "f" is red. It has a strong visual contrast effect and is very shocking. The graphic combination and color collocation of Sunfull logo are closely related to the nature of the group's main business. At the same time, it incorporates profound national cultural connotations.

    Sunfull Group's core enterprise product petroleum digital geophone, which is applied in the field of petroleum exploration, is the cause of exploring light, heat and source power. The black in the symbol symbolizes underground mineral deposits such as oil, and the red symbolizes fire, heat and light. Explore black oil with Sunfull products, and offer red light and heat to society.

    The logo of Sunfull is interpreted in traditional Chinese culture, and the combination of black and red graphics represents the auspicious combination of oolong and Fire Phoenix.Dragon and phoenix are the mascots in ancient Chinese legends, which indicate that Sunfull business is prosperous and flourishing.Figure combination like Yin and Yang taiji diagram, meaning the unity of heaven and earth, sublimation of all things, a symbol of the cause of the lasting development of double abundant.

    The logo is like a flame of cohesion and swirl. It not only symbolizes the team centripetal force, cohesion and combat effectiveness of Sunfull, but also indicates that Sunfull's career is developing like a raging fire, full of vigor and vitality, and has a bright future of prosperity.

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