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Terms of service

Timely and perfect after-sales service

The company provides after-sales service throughout the product life cycle, including consultation on operation, technical performance, troubleshooting and quality control. And it can be divided into two categories: within and out of the warranty period.


Within the period of quality assurance, when users comply with the normal use, maintenance and other conditions stipulated in the "Instructions for the Use of Products". When issues happened, the company will carry out free maintenance for users.


During the quality assurance period, the company will provide paid after-sales service for the problems caused by improper use, maintenance and other reasons, as well as relevant accessories at a proper price. The related fees are the same as the after-sales service standards when the products out of the quality assurance period.


Within the quality guarantee period, the company provides paid after-sales service for repairing or replacing spare parts. The Sales Department will inform customers about the relevant plans and expenses, and will provide overall communication and coordination.


In common, the company requires timely reply to customers within 8 hours after receiving relevant demands for after-sales service. The sales department will track the completion if the problem solving time cycle longer.


In the process of after-sales service, the customers will not be charged for solving product quality problems or paying phone call fees.


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